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Scuba diving fans already know that a complete equipment consists of a neoprene costume, regulators, buoyancy compensators, computers and other accessories more or less important. We told you all about these in the article dedicated to this extreme water sport and today we are presenting you the scuba diving computer, a must for all those who practice this sport.

First and foremost what you need to keep in mind when acquiring a scuba diving computer is the price you are willing to pay. Even though this is a strong argument when shopping for a computer, the Scuba Diving Smiles suggest a utility classification. Thus we have Wrist Dive Computer, Console Dive Computer, Nitrox Dive Computer, Air Integrated Dive Computer, and Hoseless Dive Computer.

Wrist Dive Computer or the watch computer is the most popular computer for scuba diving. Usually you must be extra careful about the size of the screen because in the deep the numbers may not be very clear. The more expensive models include even the data transfer gathered underneath water, into your personal computer, for a better evidence of the underwater explorations.

Console Dive Computer is attachable to the rest of the equipment by a hose and it always has as additional subsidy an air gauge.

The Nitrox Dive Computer type of equipment has become more and more popular due to this gas’ properties used in scuba diving. Although most of the scuba diving computers function by standard compressed air, not all can function on nitrox.

Air Integrated Dive Computer measures, first of all, the pressure in the oxygen tank and calculates how much time is left for the underwater exploration per ongoing air consumption rate. Also, an oxygen integrated computer helps you calculate even the effort level you need to make to get back to surface in normal conditions when the oxygen runs out in the backup tank. With the help of this device the submersible press gauge can be replaced. A major disadvantage is that when an error occurs, all information on how much air is left in the tank, is lost.

Hoseless Dive Computer consists of a receiver that you usually attach it to your wrist and a transmitter with the help of which the pressure in the tank can be modified and all information on air can be sent to the receiver. Nowadays you can find on the market receivers that can get information from many divers at the same time.

Author: Oana Vasiliu

Translator: Claudia Naiba

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Publicat in: iulie 2012
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